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Con on the road ong Ich Khiem is heaven snacking Da Nang, with a lot of variety, from breakfast, lunch and most snacks late afternoon. Dirt cake, cake, Quang noodles, the type of snail, tea... tourists have Vietnam visa with prices from$ 1. There are many options with the form of street stalls, sidewalk or cafe has tables and chairs widely, depending on the preferences and needs. The bazaar is always crowded with customers, sit and eat as well as buy by in addition to dishes, there are the specialty gifts are sold as much as the sauce, ink, rim me, tré...

Korean market diverse types of fabrics, souvenirs, but also intrigued by the dishes sold in the stalls with the listing price. The dish as common as noodle soup, beef rolls, nem lụi, tea, ginseng tonic energy. The market also famous with fresh seafood, fresh fruits and specialities in pizzeria quality fainting as sesame pulses Hue, green bean cake Hoi An... 

The bazaar is usually crowded in the morning because of the delicious breakfast dishes and ultra-fast clears. The noodle shop, pasta Quang, noodle tiny, stewed beef, rice noodles, fish sauce, rice noodles, fish cakes comfort immense smoke, open from breakfast and always crowded and will be out of stock at around 9am. 

Style dusty of motels, located halfway on the slope Tran Nhan Tong, but not the surface, but authentic is the ideal place for people far away to Dalat. A corner outside the shop filled by the motorcycles are assembled unfinished with the guitar. The capital is all too familiar for travelers. Seating inside the cafe is the wooden table has chairs designed, fit for the group you. A wall plate is painted countless images familiar of the tourist highlights.Not only that, the shop also contains drawings graffiti dusty as the personality of the guests staying here. Angle in the top of the bars built into the stage for the live music nights. Where there is space for those you have a passion for photography, is to communicate, learn, share the picture.
Source: Du Lich

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